SOLTRON® uses enzymes; nature’s most powerful catalysts, to redefine the molecular structure of gasoline and diesel.

SOLTRON’S all-natural enzymes purify fuel and improve combustion. With improved combustion, soot and toxic gases are reduced, abrasive carbon deposits are eliminated, and the knocking that can wear out engines prematurely is eliminated. Fuel economy and performance are also improved. SOLTRON® reduces harmful fuel contaminants that lower fuel lubricity and plug filters, including water, rust , sludge, and gums, protecting fuel pumps and fuel injectors from excessive wear and high maintenance costs.

SP 001 Gallon Bottle
Treats 4,000 gallons

SP 005 5-Gallon Pails
Treats 20,000 gallons

SP 055 55-Gallon Drums
Treats 220,000 gallons